• Builders/Designers

    Whether you are a Home builder, contractor or interior designer, Deluxe Finish offers many services that will meet the needs of your customers for anything involving their garage.

    We will work with you to create discounted prices to offer our floors and storage individually or as part of a package to your customers.

     Builders: Garage upgrades are more popular than ever. Include them as an upgrade for your incoming home owners. Homes with no basements will have very little storage. Therefore owners look to the garage to dump everything. Have Deluxe Finish complete the garage with lifetime flooring and overhead storage and your buyers and potential buyers will feel good knowing that they can utilize the garage and make their life easier. 

    Contractors:  Include Deluxe Finish flooring as one of your best services offered. While you may be working on other parts of a customer’s house, let them know that you can give them a lifetime guarantee garage floor that will transform and add value to the house.

    Interior Designers: Don’t stop with the inside of the house! Keep moving out into the garage! There are so many homes that you’ve made beautiful that have an ugly and forgotten garage. Let your customers know that you can completely transform the garage as well giving it a clean, updated, and stylish reflection of what’s on the inside.