• Why Use Us?

    What sets us apart from everyone else is our years of proven installation processes and the quality of our materials that allows us to produce an above average floor.  With those sort of results we are able to offer you a full "Life Time Warranty" on your Deluxe Finish floor.  You will not have to worry about your newly installed garage floor ever chipping, cracking or peeling for any reason for the life you own your home.  

    The quality of our materials are such that it not only bonds chemically on top of your concrete, ours goes one step further!  All epoxies do bond but our goes a step further. It also “wicks” deep into the capillaries of the concrete garage floor for an internal bond as well. Because of this proprietary wicking technology, it will withstand 8-10 pounds of moisture vapor emissions while most epoxies fail at 3 lbs of moisture vapor. What does this mean? It can handle your hot tires and won’t peel or flake off your garage floor like some inferior products will.

    Now imagine for a moment, a garage floor that’s not only attractive, but is easy to clean as well. A seamless, monolithic floor that can withstand abrasion and chemical attack.

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